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I love making things, whether its a personalised plaque or a garden chair for a customer or spending time working on our house. I just want to create things.

Since 2018 I have been making small wooden items, plaques and wall art. In 2019 I made the decision to start pushing myself to make more and make this in to a business. since then I have been working away slowly building my tool collection to help improve the quality and efficiency. This has helped me be more creative and expand my experience and abilities to what I offer today.

I have a strong belief that I only sell the best products that I can make. If I am not happy with a product it wont be sent out to a customer. Also every product is checked by my partner. I want to be known for quality. with that said if any product created by me has an issue please get in contact and I will be more than happy to fix any problems. As I stand by everything that I make to be the best quality possible.

With the environment being so important to us all I am doing everything to reduce the amount of plastic I use. where possible I avoid buying items wrapped in plastic and all the packaging I use in recyclable using card and paper to help reduce my impact on the environment.

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