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Discover the perfect solution for your recycling and wheelie bin storage needs!


Introducing our meticulously crafted recycle bin storage, skillfully handmade in North Devon using premium pressure-treated wood, ensuring durability that stands the test of time.



2 Recycle Bin Store

Width 60cm

Depth 62cm

Height 120cm


3 Recycle Bin Store

Width 60cm

Depth 62cm

Height 167cm


1 Wheelie + 3 Recycle Bin Store

Width 1.2m
Depth .8m
Height 1.75m

(measurements may vary slightly due to the handmade nature)


, our storage units are thoughtfully designed to accommodate your bins while keeping them organized and easily accessible.


Equipped with 2 black hinges and 2 slide bolts, the doors of our storage unit offer both security and convenience.


As each unit is made to order, you can expect a personalized touch to suit your preferences. Typically delivered within 2 weeks from order, we can also provide a more precise estimated time of arrival for your peace of mind.


Upgrade your recycling routine with our premium recycle bin storage - the perfect harmony of functionality and craftsmanship!

Recycle bin storage

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