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Garden rooms

We custom make garden rooms to suit your style and needs. We offer a range of choices of cladding from composite cladding to wood options these can be truly tailered to fit your space.

The Idea

All Garden Rooms start with an idea and a chat. Weather its something you have seen online or a style you have in mind. Once we have visited the site and had a chat about the ideas you have we will go away and build a 3d mockup of how it will look. at this point you can share photos and screen shoots to help guide the design of you garden room. 

Below are some of the options and more info on the products we use.


Once we have aggred the design and your happy with the quote and a deposit has been paid, We will start to organise the materials and a date that work will commence, If land scaping is involved to level the area, retaining walls, patio etc, this maybe contracted out to a trusted team that specalise in the relivent work. This and weather may affect the time scales.

Prepareing the site

When we build our garden rooms most of the time this will involve walking over lawns and gardens, We do our up most to prevent any damage by laying boards on the grass

During the build

This is the exciting bit. To keep you safe we ask that you keep away from the area this is for safty but we are happy to guide you through at any point that is safe to do so, This helps keep everyone safe. 

If at any point you want to discuss the build or make changes we are happy to acomodate these but once we have started there are limited things that can be changed. 


Once the build is complete this includes leaving the area clean and clear of any remaining materials and waste, We will talk you through all the things you need to know about the maintenance and up keep of your garden room before we hand over the keys and leave you to enjoy you new space.

Compsite Cladding

We offer composite cladding with many colours to chose, these are low maintenance with a 10 year manafaciurers garantee. 

Timber Cladding

There and lots of options with timber cladding these can be Western red cidre, Chestnut, Fir or Preasure treated Pine. Each of these will have different care requierments.

EPDM "rubber roof"

This is a great low maintenance option with a long life expectancy 

Composite roof

these are harder wearing but at extra weight and complexity to the roof.


all our rooms use PIR foam insulation this gives the best thermal effishancy and keeps the temporature consistant.

Double Glasing

We only use double glasing for our rooms with 2 options White or Grey. Double glasing helps with the control of the temporature inside the building and adds extra security.

Satisfaction Guarantee

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