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Me Myself and Wood

This week I launched the website and thought it would be a good start it introduce myself to those who don’t know me or what I am about.

Hi I’m Dave and I love wood! (and making man glitter as my other half says)

Sounds like some thing I would say at a wood workers anonymous meeting. To be honest at times I think that my partner thinks I have a problem. ”all you talk about is your wood working!” And I’m sure that my colleagues feel the same.

A History of me!

From a work point of view I have done a lot of different things over the years. I have spent time working for my self as a “handyman” gardening decorating and chimney sweep for a few years. over the last 9 years I have been working as a manager for large supermarket and really enjoyed the challenges that it has given me.

In 2015 my partner had our 1st baby (my 3rd) and we found it challenging both working full time and an opportunity to go part time opened up at work. So I took it. it was the best choice I could have made. now I work around the kids.

I started spending my free time playing with wood making little bits and brought my self a CNC machine for engraving and this led me down the path that I have found my self on now, most of my work is done during school hours and evenings. This means I get to spend time with the kids and work from home.

With this passion I wanted to start a business focused on small batch and personalised items. I am also happy to take on an assortment of different projects. With covid etc it was a challenge but now things are looking up for the world around us I’m taking the opportunity to push the business forward and I’m looking forward to starting many more projects in the future.

I plan to make more content about my projects and what’s going on. It would be great to hear your thoughts on this and how I could improve.

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