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Project from 2021

I thought that this would be a good time to look back over the last year at some of the interesting projects I have undertaken and share some of the insight in to them.

One of the first project that I started with was the patio chairs. This was due to me pulling out my old ones and realising that they needed to so. They were rusty and past it. So I designed some new ones. This was done in my normal way of looking through Pinterest, google images and YouTube to narrow down how I wanted them to look and got started designing them and I was so pleased with how they came out not to mention how comfortable I and my family found them to sit in. I then posted them online and they were a top seller with great feedback from customers.

After a month of making the garden chairs I was approached to make a bench version. This came out as good as the chairs

Well I was making some of the chairs I had some off cuts and some miss measured bits (yes I made mistakes) but this lead to the creation of the BBQ caddies. A really fun and useful gift ideal and turned out to be my top seller for 2021. This taught me that even out of mistakes and scraps something great can come from it.

A large project I undertook was in my living room. I live in a new house and our living room was a very boring! no features and the house generally has no storage. my partner wanted a fire place and neither of us are fans of seeing cables and stuff to do with the tv.

So as the room needed a redecorate and we were putting in flooring I got started gutting the room, removing skirting, fill and paint the walls. I then started making cabinets and the frame work to hold it all together. We are all really pleased with the out come. check out the hidden storage.

When it came time to start thinking about Christmas and what I was going to be making I got chatting to the community champion at Tesco about the stores plans from the run up to Christmas. She suggested that she wanted to do a Santa's grotto for charity. After a bit of a discussion I aggreged to make a Sleigh for Santa to sit in and could also be used by the store as something a little different when not used by Santa. It was a little tricky to make as it was made full size and had to take the weight of 2 adults in it. They were so pleased with the way that it turned out and the feed back from customers was great.

Another thing that I made for Christmas this year was Guitar shaped chopping / serving cheese boards. These were fun to make and a bit different as I hadn't made shapes like this before.

Also I had some really nice live edge walnut that I used to create some really nice and popular. known as charcuterie boards. The kids loved using them for the snacks as they felt grown up. They did look a bit funny with there bits on.

These are some of the products and projects that stood out for me in 2021 I am hoping that this year will see some new projects that I can share with you and grow my business and my skills into new areas and challenge myself to do more.

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